Build your style brand

Your wardrobe should bring you comfort and confidence—and be a celebration of YOU! At BU Style, our personal stylists help women and men discover a style brand that communicates the message you want send and complements every aspect of who you are. 

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Meet our team


Natalie Tincher

Owner & Principal Stylist
Member Client Services

Clothing sends a message about you and your personal brand. That is why a carefully selected wardrobe can speak volumes before you even say a word. Streamlining your style to reflect your individuality is an invaluable investment. I love helping my clients discover a style that feels true to who they are so they can feel confident and comfortable in any situation.
— Natalie

Sabrina Vertzman

Senior Stylist
New & Visiting Client Services

Every closet has precious pieces, and every outfit can be enriched by the tiniest detail. I believe in storytelling through style, and I thrive on finding treasures in the city as well as in personal wardrobes. I love using accessories to elevate looks. I want every outfit I create to showcase my client’s personality and unique attributes while remaining functional and beautiful.
— Sabrina

What our clients say

You literally have made my week! Thank you so much! I’m so excited about my new clothes and feeling confident and good again. You rock!
— Julie, CPA
Natalie. Tincher. The pleasure was ALL mine. Thank you for yet another incredible consultation. I enjoy your company and the fashion guidance you provide, so much. I even rocked one of your BALLER outfits today (pink shirt, jacket, tie, and square) and got a lot of compliments.
Thank you, gracias, merci, danke, arigato, salamat po......You’re the bee’s knees!
— Eric, Google
I had so much fun, and I love all of my new clothes. You managed to pick everything that suits and fits me well. You nailed it!
— Ceri P., Sydney, Australia

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