Sort, Shop, Style

Are you in a wardrobe rut? Do you want to discover your unique style brand? The Sort, Shop, Style is ideal if you want a streamlined and versatile wardrobe that excites you!


Part 1: Sort



While reviewing your closet for the current season, your stylist will determine which items to keep, discard, or tailor. In addition to fit and color, BU Stylists consider personality, lifestyle, and style goals when evaluating your closet to ensure everything in your closet flatters you, projects the right image, and makes you feel great! To fill in any gaps in your current wardrobe your stylist will create your strategic shopping list. (2 hours) 


Part 2: Shop

Using the list created during your Sort your stylist will pre-shop stores for you based on personality, body type, budget, and lifestyle; selecting pieces that work coherently with your existing wardrobe. Just walk right into the fitting room and choose from the clothes personally selected for you! (2.5–3 hours)

**Additional shop available to purchase as an add-on, if needed.


Part 3: Style

Paring new with old we will style a variety of new head-to-toe looks just for you! Following your Style Session your stylist will send you a link to your digital closet; your digital closet contains all of the outfits styled during your in-home Style Session and lifetime access is included. (1.5–2 hours) 


*OUT-OF-TOWN TRAVEL FEE of $100/roundtrip applies to clients outside of NYC.

Refund Policy