Photo Styling Services

Whether you need the right looks and mood for new headshots, want help coordinating family photo outfits, or just need a professional stylist on set to ensure a wrinkled shirt doesn't put a figurative wrinkle in a good photo, BU Style offers a range of photo styling services to fit your needs.

Our stylist Sabrina has been doing photo styling work for many years, including with her professional photographer husband, and combines her personal styling and photo styling expertise to make sure photoshoot day is organized, seamless, and fun! 


Choose from the following photo styling packages: 


What clients are saying..


"I loved having Sabrina by my side through the process of getting new headshots. Her presence made the experience so much more efficient and fun. Ahead of time, she read through the photographer's guidelines and used her experience to help me narrow down look options. In a matter of an hour and a half my entire bag was packed with clothes I felt confident in. Having my clothing ready to go made me feel prepared and ready. During the shoot, her presence allowed the photographer and makeup artist to stay focused on working with me while she made sure I looked my best head-to-toe. Post-shoot she even helped me narrow down my shots! I would highly recommend this service to anyone looking to get the most out of a photoshoot." 

—Alexa P., Actress