Gold Package


Package Details

2 x Shop + Style

  • Seasonal shop session with Natalie (2-3 hours)
  • Style session to integrate your existing closet with your new purchases
  • Updated lookbook

Complimentary scheduling + accompanied visits to the tailor

  • Natalie will facilitate booking you tailoring sessions at a preferred tailor and accompany you to communicate needs

Access to BU referral network + exclusive discounts

  • Natalie will give you access to her network of trusted vendors (think makeup artists, interior designers, hair stylists, dentists, etc.) as well as any discounts / preferential rates she has worked out for BU membership clients.

Travel fees waived for out-of- town clients

  • $75/trip travel fee waived for clients outside of NYC

Full access to Natalie for style questions in between sessions (texts + email)

  • Text or email Natalie links, photos, or style questions in between seasons.

Choose FOUR add-on services throughout the year

  • See options below

Add-on services options for Gold Members:


  • If it’s been awhile since we did a full sort and you need a good closet cull

"Investment" Piece Scout

  • When you have one specific key piece you are on the hunt for (eg, winter coat, investment shoes, purse), Natalie will search high and low until we find the best option for you.

Custom Clothing Selection + Accompanied Visit

  • Assistance with fabric selection and accompanied tailor visit for men’s custom or bespoke dress shirts and suiting

Special Event Shop + Style

  • Shopping and head-to-toe styling for special event outfit (including jewelry, handbag, and shoes)

Extra Shop

  • 2–3 hour shop with Natalie. Includes pre-shopping

Extra Style

  • In-between season styling session w/ updated lookbook

Trip Packing + Styling

  • Outfit planning w/ photographs
  • Natalie will create your packing list and /or help you physically pack

Europe Shop

  • You will be apprised when Natalie and her French stylist colleague Faith Heyison will be meeting in Europe to visit stores, yearly sales, and specialty brands in order to find unique pieces that fit your style and needs. (Cost of clothing additional.)

Get an overview of what’s included in each package to help you pick the right plan for you.