The Midi Skirt

Photo Credit: Lee Oliveira
Photo Credit: Lee Oliveira

I just finished working or attending 12+ New York Fashion Week shoes, and the skirt length of the moment is still the "midi" length. If you like the feminine feel of the midi skirt, I recommend buying it this season. It's a trend that will last and there are a lot of good options right now, so strike while the iron's hot! Here are a few guidelines to follow before you buy: 

1. Make sure the hem is below or above the widest part of your calves

2. Midi skirts are generally best worn with heels (even if it's just a small kitten heel), particularly if you are shorter in stature

3. If you opt for a patterned skirt, make sure the direction of the pattern is vertical

As always, I'm happy to help you integrate this and any other trends into your closet.