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Ankle Boots at the Office

As many of you know, ankle boots (or "booties," as people like to call them) are everywhere, including the office. Not only are they on trend but also can be a nice pump alternative to keep your feet/ankles covered and warmer while maintaining a polished and professional look. If you are looking to add an ankle boot your business wardrobe, here are a few things to consider: 

1. If you plan to wear your booties with skirts, make sure the boot shaft is not too high and ends closer to your ankle than to your calf. And on that same track, only wear high-heel booties with pencil skirts—no flats! 

2. Match your tights to your booties to visually elongate your legs. Wearing contrasting colors will break up the leg line, causing your legs to appear shorter and wider (and who wants that?). 

3. Stay away from laces. Unless you work in a super casual office environment, lace-up booties are not appropriate workwear. 

4. Finally, if these boots were truly made for walking, make sure you can walk normally in them. In other words, don't get a sky-high heel that causes you to clumsily traipse into the conference room: you should be as sure on your feet as your are in your work performance!