Strategic Shopping

Whether shopping for me or for clients, I only like to purchase pieces that fill a "hole" in a closet and that are versatile. When doing a closet inventory with clients, each season I make a list of key pieces to add to their wardrobe, and I focus on finding the perfect version of each of these items.

I believe everyone will benefit from shopping with a purpose. It will ensure you don't waste money on items you don't need or that are ill-fitting. Here are 3 key questions to ask yourself next time you are shopping to help you stay focused and spend you money wisely: 

1. Can I make at least 3–5 outfits from this using existing pieces? 

2. Does it fit and flatter my silhouette? (Don't buy ill-fitting items just because they are a "great deal" or you like a certain element about it.)

3. Is this filling a need or a better replacement for something I have?