Habit #1: Personalize Your Health and Beauty

Whether it is fashion, food, or most of life, one size usually does not fit all, and what works for one will not exactly work for everyone—and may not work for you. Yet, on a universal level, there are often common threads in challenges we collectively face: struggles with weight loss, wardrobe quandaries, daily stress, etc.

Despite our differences, we recognize common strategies to identify personalized solutions to overcome our obstacles and improve our lives. This is true with health and beauty,  and we help our clients find a formula for success that is unique to them.

Before you can personalize your solutions, it helps to truly understand where you are and where you want to go.  Can you get directions from Google Maps(R) or other GPS without both?  

Photo: http://michellemadridbranch.com
Photo: http://michellemadridbranch.com

Unfortunately, most of us don’t know these answers. This is not surprising, because our society suffers from a deep cultural malaise: we feel uneasy but we have trouble identifying why. The “automatic pilot” we often use to handle stresses of modern life keeps us from paying attention, knowing the questions, and finding the answers.  

The first step to finding your personalized health and beauty solutions is finding your starting point. Whatever your health or beauty goals, keeping a journal will help find your starting point. What you learn from your journal will help you plan subsequent steps as your create your own route to reach your destination. Think of us as your personalized GPS for health and beauty. Let’s get started!  

Becky’s Health Journal Tips

Start with keeping a food journal for at least one week. Find a format that will work for you. Use a combination of formats if necessary ; thoroughness is more important than elegance. Your aim will be to record every bite.  

  • Handwritten:  Notebook, index cards, Post-It(R) notes, napkins, etc.  
  • Electronic:  Word(R) document, spreadsheet, smart-phone app, take a picture, voice memos.  

Record as many details as possible to understand your eating habits and your starting point:  

  • Who, what, where, when, how, and how much
  • Hunger/Fullness levels before and after
  • Stress, feelings, emotions, and related activities

Tracking your intake will not only give you a sense of your starting point, but it also takes you out of “automatic pilot” and into conscious decisions and conscious eating—that alone can help with health and weight control.  

Natalie’s Fashion Journal Tips

Write down all of the outfits you wore for a week and notes on them.

  • How did you feel in it?
  • What types of compliments did you receive?
  • Why did you like/dislike your outfit?
  • What message were you trying to send?  

Through this, you can start to determine

  • What you wear most.
  • Why you like it.
  • What you want to keep, replace, discard, or add.

And from here, you can start to develop a sense of your personal style and what makes you feel the most confident.

We hope you enjoyed the our first foundational HABIT—personalize! Think about it throughout your day to find what is or is not working for you. This is a key step to reducing stress and protecting your health and beauty.  Let us know what you learn!

May you always feel great, look great, and have a great day!

Natalie & Becky


Natalie Tincher, owner and personal wardrobe stylist at Buttoned Up in New York City, desires to help others gain an added measure of confidence through cultivating a style that complements their unique personality, lifestyle, and physical attributes.


Becky Nagle, owner and health coach at getting2well in Bergen County, NJ, works with clients to make small changes to reduce stress and improve nutrition that fit their lifestyle to reach healthy weights and wellness goals.