Meet Our Clients: Meghan Hungate


Meet Meghan Hungate. She has been a BU Style client since 2011. She is an attorney; amazing food orderer (it’s a true talent); knows every lyric to “Hamilton”; impressively smart; she is tons of fun, confident, honest, a loyal friend, brave, and one of the most uniquely special people I know.

First, let me share a story about Meghan and one of the many reasons she is near and dear to my heart:


Meghan was one of my first clients and since has become one of my closest friends. One early thing that I will forever thank her for in our friendship was when I was in the midst of ending a 10+-year relationship in my 20s. I hadn’t been in NYC very long and didn’t have a lot of friends here. It was a Friday evening, and I was in a tough spot and needed to leave a bad situation immediately. I called Meghan for help. Even though we hadn’t been friends very long, without hesitation, Meghan immediately showed up, helped get me out of the situation, and offered her home and friendship to me for as long as I needed it. She’s a rockstar and a total babe! She has consistently been a loyal friend and has helped teach me the power in being courageous, loyal, and “showing up.”

What is your favorite thing about working with Natalie?

“Knowing that I will walk away with a closet upgrade that suits me and doesn’t include any ill-conceived purchases.”

What have you learned about your style through working with BU Style?

”To embrace it and not try to adopt styles that are not me.”

We discovered that Meghan is happiest mixing comfortable & sexy styles. She’s not afraid of pairing a crop top sweater with workout pants & sneakers. Her favorite work dresses are sheath silhouettes. Her style showcases her confidence, rockin’ bod, and impressively fast walking pace (even for NYer!).

It has been my pleasure to be Meghan’s stylist and friend—and to help her reflect her unique amazingness through her personal style!

Hugs, Natalie


Photos: Marcin Mulchalski // Hair: Paula Randazzo // Makeup: Alexandra Sifre // Brows: Malynda Vigliotti // Wardrobe Styling: Natalie Tincher // Accessories Styling: Sabrina Vertzman

Outfit Details:
Dress: Yasya Minochkina // Jewelry: GBGH Jewelry // Shoes: Maxine