Meet Our Clients: Andrea Nunes

We had an awesome client appreciation event at Flying Solo to celebrate 8 years in business. For this event, we put on a runway show, featuring ten BU Style clients as models. Over the coming weeks, we’ll share their looks and what they have to say about their personal style & working with BU Style.

Meet Andrea Nunes—BU Style client since 2014. She is a managing director of portfolio talent, Brazilian, writer, amazing friend, kind, confident, strong, sassy, resilient, empathetic, and so much more!


What have you learned about your personal style through working with BU Style?

“I've learned that my style is a reflection of my personality, and it is as unique as I am. I've also learned that my personal style evolves over time.”

What is your favorite thing about working with BU Style?

“My personal stylist, Natalie, has a combination of qualities that I find exceptional. First, she is a master of her craft and technically competent in what she does, she understands fit, fashion trends, and what works for each client. Second, she is very committed to my satisfaction, she is flexible and listens to my needs. Lastly, she is a pleasure to work with—very friendly and professional.”

Do you have any favorite experiences / memories with BU Style? If so, please share!

I love each step of the experience. First, streamlining my closet and getting rid of what's not working for me is truly liberating. Then, stepping into the stores and finding the fitting rooms ready with items that Natalie pre-shopped is a real treat. Lastly, the fun of putting pieces together in the styling session. However, my favorite part of all is the convenience of having my look book for inspiration, whether I am packing for a business trip or just getting ready for work in the morning!


Photos: Marcin Mulchalski // Hair: Paula Randazzo // Makeup: Alexandra Sifre // Brows: Malynda Vigliotti // Wardrobe Styling: Natalie Tincher // Accessories Styling: Sabrina Vertzman

Outfit Details:
Suit: Victoria Hayes Collection // Earrings: Iza by Silvia D’Avila // Shoes: Maxine