Habit #3: Progress NOT Perfection

Even if you had unlimited resources, you could not wake up tomorrow with all of your Health and Beauty goals met. The good news is that you can make progress if you avoid letting mistakes or unachieved goals get in the way, even with your current resources.  

Credit: jessicasays.com
Credit: jessicasays.com

Perfection is the enemy of progress. Perfectionism isn’t only “trying to do everything perfectly”; it is “trying to do everything” too.  If you are entrenched in one or both, you will remain stuck where you are and the stress will keep piling up.  

Let’s start with a couple questions and ideas to get perfectionism out of your way.  

Do you start something and not finish it because it isn’t perfect?   

You can’t do anything perfectly; there is always room for improvement. Aim for good enough.  When you don’t expect perfection, you will have fewer disappointments, less stress, get more done, and be happier: PROGRESS.

Do you avoid something when you are afraid of making a mistake?  

Mistakes are unavoidable; everybody makes them. Fearing them leads to avoidance and stress.  Capitalize on your mistakes: laugh at them, learn from them, avoid making the same ones in the future, and don’t be afraid of them. Making mistakes and learning from them leads to PROGRESS.  

Do you avoid doing anything when you cannot do everything?  

The “all or none” excuse leads to doing nothing when you can’t do everything.  Accept that you can’t do everything; no one can.  Realize that you can do something.  This takes some weight off your shoulders, lowers your stress, and gives you some motivation to do something—and that is PROGRESS.  

Abandon perfection and the idea of the best and aim for better.  Make goals and create steps to reach them, but recognize you likely won’t  get there overnight or stay there every day.  Aim for getting a little better every day, every week, or every month.  PROGRESS!   

Natalie’s Fashion Habits

Sometimes we make bad purchases, and that’s ok! Oftentimes a garment that may not be most ideal for you can be made better. Here are a few ideas you can use to make a bad purchase better:

  • Take it to the tailor. Sometimes all it takes is a shortened sleeve, a nip in the waist, a tapered leg, etc., to make a piece work for you.
  • Get creative. Add a belt, a blazer, roll up the sleeves . . . I’ve done some pretty stealthy styling with less-than-flattering pieces.
  • Sell or donate and try again. Don’t force something to work. Realize what went wrong and aim for a better purchase next go-around!

Habit Helper: One of my favorites! I add sweaters over clients’ dresses that are ill-fitting and un-tailorable on top to make them look like a skirt and top outfit.

Becky’s Health Habits

Earlier this week we talked about journaling to find your starting point to personalize your health and beauty solutions and planning your outfits and meals to simplify your life. The journal instructions, writing down as much as you can, might seem overwhelming and at odds with simplifying your life and aiming for progress NOT perfection.  

It can be in the short-term, but it does not have to be. Personalize and simplify it to avoid letting perfection get in the way of progress. Here are some ideas to do something when you can’t do everything.  


  • Alternate meals one week and clothes another week.  
  • One meal each week, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and then snacks.  
  • One day journaling alternating with one day off.  
  • Track one aspect of your meals each week: meals at home versus eating out, processed food versus unprocessed, meat/fish, dairy, vegetables, fruit, beverages, sugar, alcohol, etc.  


  • Three to four days ahead and shop twice a week instead of once a week.    
  • Dinner the night before so you know what to pick up on your way home.  
  • Plan and pack your lunch each night before work.  
  • One meal for the week, breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks for the week.  

Remember planning meals and outfits does not have to be an “all or nothing” proposition.  For every meal and outfit planned there is likely time saved and stress avoided.  Whether you plan once a day or once a week you will be better off than not having planned at all.  

We hope you are feeling less stressed than when you started.  You are making PROGRESS!  Stay tuned for some ENJOYMENT in the New Year.  

May you always feel great, look great, and make progress!

Natalie & Becky


Natalie Tincher, owner and personal wardrobe stylist at Buttoned Up in New York City, desires to help others gain an added measure of confidence through cultivating a style that complements their unique personality, lifestyle, and physical attributes.

Becky Nagle, owner and health coach at getting2well in Bergen County, NJ, works with clients to make small changes to reduce stress and improve nutrition that fit their lifestyle to reach healthy weights and wellness goals.