If you're like us, you may get pretty enthusiastic about Thanksgiving dinner. With all of those gravy and butter-filled dishes comes the danger of the dreaded grease stain. Fortunately, these do not have to mean the end of your favorite outfit—and how you remove these stains may surprise you. The tools to removing grease stains are right in your kitchen cupboards.  


Read on for more on how to keep your favorite holiday threads in tip-top shape through the feasting season:

  • Start with baby powder or cornstarch. This is safe for most garments, including silks and other dry-clean only fabrics. Rub the baby powder or cornstarch onto the stained area (be generous so oil absorbs), let it sit to soak up the grease (at least 15–30 minutes), and scrape it off.
  • Apply Dawn or other petroleum-based liquid dish detergent. For appropriate fabrics, rub the detergent into the stain and let it sit for a few minutes. Note that all-natural detergents don’t always work as well.
  • Always test stain removers on an inconspicuous area first. It's always good to make sure the detergent and/or stain removers you're using won't discolor or damage your garment.
  • Use a clean, undyed cloth or paper towel. Watch out for dark dyes on napkins as they can transfer color to your clothes. 
  • Cold water only. When you add water always use cold, hot water can set stains.
  • Don’t wait! Treat and launder the item as soon as possible, and always follow instructions on care label.
  • In a pinch? Try a Shout wipe. Of all the purse-friendly stain removing tools, this is our favorite to have on hand, especially for whites. Watch out though, as it can fade colors (see tip #3). With these tips, "grease" doesn't have to be the word that ruins the festivities. So relax and enjoy the party—with extra gravy!