Framebridge, Rag & Bone Boots, More: 10 Things We Love @ BU


Happy holidays! Here are the things bringing us extra holiday cheer this month: 


—Frame someone you love this holiday season! I recently had a great experience with Framebridge and plan to use them to frame special memories for my dearest this holiday season.

STORYTIME: My parents were high school sweethearts, and I've been meaning to frame their senior class picture for YEARS but never got around to it or got incredibly high estimates at custom places. Enter Framebridge. All I had to do was send in the picture in the prepaid packaging they sent; their designers picked some frames to complement the piece (or you can choose your own; I chose the design I loved; and a week later, a part of my parents' love story was beautiful matted, framed, and hanging on my gallery wall. 

Russell + Hazel Binder System
Russell + Hazel Binder System

—These boots were made for "Walkering." My search for the perfect day-to-evening Chelsea boot has finally ended with the Rag & Bone Walker boots.  The leather is soft, the heel height is ideal, the almond toe box is sleek, and, most important, I can walk ALL DAY in them. 

—My nerd-meter goes off the charts whenever I discover a new way to make organizing my life easier. My brilliant friend and professional organizer LV introduced me to the magic that is Russel + Hazel's binder system. It holds my planner, client notes, to-do lists, and receipts all in one nicely designed little binder! 

—My grandmother always instilled the importance of sending thank-you notes anytime you receive a gift or kindness. Not to disappoint grandma, I always have a variety on hand in my desk drawer. The punster in me can't get enough of these. (Papersource has a plethora of beautiful designs, as well.) 

—Dancing is my favorite activity in the whole world; working out is not. One of my clients (thanks, Heather!) recently introduced me to AKT in Motion: dance and toning all in one w/ a side of disco ball. I sweat a lot, and I'm sore the next day in muscles I didn't know existed—but somehow AKT has tricked me into loving every minute of it! Bonus: They have an on-demand program for those that don't live near a studio. 


—Every year I cook up a big batch of my homemade granola to give as gifts. I love making granola because I can adjust the flavors to what we like at home or to the season. Here is the recipe I (more or less) follow. Have fun and play with the proportions.

—It's time for me to think pink! I grew up with the tradition in Argentina that on New Year's Eve you wear new underwear—new PINK underwear.  I have no idea the origin of this, but new undies are always nice, right? I like the shade of pink in these Hanky Pankies

DIY Magazine Wrapping Paper
DIY Magazine Wrapping Paper

—I started listening to the UnStyled Podcast, hosted by Refinery29's global editor-in-chief, Christene Barberich. She explores the perspective of a strong woman on different topics: fashion, career, relationship. Give it a listen and let me know what you think.

—I can now eat, drink, and feel merry the next day with these Coconut Charcoal pills. I take two after an evening of indulgence to help me digest food (and drinks) better. The next morning I feel less bloated— and it helps with hangovers too!

—You know all those holiday catalogs you get starting October? Instead of throwing them in the recycling bin, give the pages another turn and use them as wrapping paper like I do!