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Tweed: But, really, what is it?


noun || \ˈtwēd \

:: a rough woolen fabric made usually in twill weaves and used especially for suits and coats

Brief History:
Tweed originated in Scotland in the 18th century. Scottish weavers wished to make a denser and heavier cloth, and by developing the "twill" (the diagonal line running through the fabric) they produced what is recognized as tweed today. The generic term came from a London cloth merchant misreading "tweel", the Scottish version of twill. (Source:

Image:  Emily Ley )

Image: Emily Ley)

noun || d'or·say

: a shoe or slipper made with a circular vamp and a quarter that curves to meet the vamp at the shank line


Brief history: 

The d'orsay shoe was named after Count Alfred d’Orsay—a 19th-century "dandy," artist. and friend of Lord Byron. The shoes were worn by men at the time, and the cut-out sides were introduced to accommodate wider feet. 

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