Blazers: To Tailor or Not To Tailor?


No matter how great the style of a blazer, it must fit impeccably. If you've found a jacket you love and you're now pondering whether "to tailor, or not to tailor?" you're in luck, because that is the question:

The #1 rule of blazers is this: If the SHOULDER FITS—wear it! For [almost] everything else, tailor it. 

Tailoring Tips for Your Blazers: 

  • Leave the shoulders alone. As we said, shoulders should fit “off the rack.” Letting out won’t work and taking in is expensive and means reconstructing the garment.
  • Take in the waist. Taking in the waist of a too-big blazer can dramatically improve fit at a reasonable cost. 
  • For letting out the waist, check seam allowance. Most off-the-rack suits don't leave a lot of extra fabric to let out the seams. 
  • There’s no such thing as a “hem” for blazers. Even if your tailor says they can do it, it will often throw off proportions with buttons and pockets. Men should stick with finding the right off-the-rack length: short, regular, or long. 
  • Shorten sleeves from the shoulder. Sleeves should be taken up from the shoulder, not the bottom edge, which will disrupt buttons or other cuff details.
  • Fix your collar roll. Pulling between the shoulders by the neck can ruin a slick look. An experienced tailor can take care of this.