Tweed: But, really, what is it?


noun || \ˈtwēd \

:: a rough woolen fabric made usually in twill weaves and used especially for suits and coats

Brief History:
Tweed originated in Scotland in the 18th century. Scottish weavers wished to make a denser and heavier cloth, and by developing the "twill" (the diagonal line running through the fabric) they produced what is recognized as tweed today. The generic term came from a London cloth merchant misreading "tweel", the Scottish version of twill. (Source:

Meet Our Clients: Andrea Nunes

We had an awesome client appreciation event at Flying Solo to celebrate 8 years in business. For this event, we put on a runway show, featuring ten BU Style clients as models. Over the coming weeks, we’ll share their looks and what they have to say about their personal style & working with BU Style.

Meet Andrea Nunes—BU Style client since 2014. She is a managing director of portfolio talent, Brazilian, writer, amazing friend, kind, confident, strong, sassy, resilient, empathetic, and so much more!


What have you learned about your personal style through working with BU Style?

“I've learned that my style is a reflection of my personality, and it is as unique as I am. I've also learned that my personal style evolves over time.”

What is your favorite thing about working with BU Style?

“My personal stylist, Natalie, has a combination of qualities that I find exceptional. First, she is a master of her craft and technically competent in what she does, she understands fit, fashion trends, and what works for each client. Second, she is very committed to my satisfaction, she is flexible and listens to my needs. Lastly, she is a pleasure to work with—very friendly and professional.”

Do you have any favorite experiences / memories with BU Style? If so, please share!

I love each step of the experience. First, streamlining my closet and getting rid of what's not working for me is truly liberating. Then, stepping into the stores and finding the fitting rooms ready with items that Natalie pre-shopped is a real treat. Lastly, the fun of putting pieces together in the styling session. However, my favorite part of all is the convenience of having my look book for inspiration, whether I am packing for a business trip or just getting ready for work in the morning!


Photos: Marcin Mulchalski // Hair: Paula Randazzo // Makeup: Alexandra Sifre // Brows: Malynda Vigliotti // Wardrobe Styling: Natalie Tincher // Accessories Styling: Sabrina Vertzman

Outfit Details:
Suit: Victoria Hayes Collection // Earrings: Iza by Silvia D’Avila // Shoes: Maxine

Personal Stylist Training Program: REFINE

Calling all Personal Stylists!

BU Style has partnered with The Paid Stylist to create a 2-day stylist training program: REFINE.

With a foundation built on community over competition, we are dedicated to elevating the personal styling industry and providing you with skills, tools, and resources to serve the clients you adore even better and more fully.

We recognize the drive and hustle of working personal stylists and have crafted every minute of REFINE to be full of excitement, heart, and encouragement. You will be welcomed into an intimate training environment, where you will feel heard, your skills will be refreshed, and your motivation reignited. But more than anything, our goal is for you to leave REFINE equipped with new ways to provide clients with the best personal styling experience.

REFINE will take place in New York City during two sessions: February 11–12 and February 14–15, 2019. Visit the REFINE website to learn more about our 2-day training & the new skills and services you will leave with. We would love to see you there!

Announcing Photo Styling Services!

We’re excited to announce new photo styling services! Headed by our senior personal stylist Sabrina, we have packages to help you with things like coordinating outfits for your family photos, creating the right mood / brand for your personal headshots, and being with you to help on-set to make sure a wrinkle in a shirt doesn’t put a figurative wrinkle in your photoshoot. Learn more and book here.

Clothing Care Tips: Removing Underarm Stains

Yellow underarm stains are the pits (#PunIntended). Fun fact: It's not your sweat alone that causes these. It's actually the chemicals in antiperspirant mixing with the salt in your sweat that cause the reaction. 

Either way, they are annoying! Here are two of Nat's DIY stylist solutions to mellow the yellow:



1 c. vinegar
2 c. warm water
1/2 c. baking soda
1 Tbsp. salt
1 Tbsp hydrogen peroxide


  • Step 1: Combine vinegar and warm water and soak the shirt for at least 30 min
  • Step 2: Make a paste out of baking soda, salt, and hydrogen peroxide
  • Step 3: Remove shirt from vinegar mixture and ring out excess moisture
  • Step 4: Put a generous amount of paste onto the stained area and gently rub it into the fabric the paste absorbs
  • Step 5: Let sit for 30 minutes  
  • Step 6: Wash shirt, as usual


3–4 crushed-up Aspirin
1 bowl warm water

  • Step 1: Crush Aspirin pills and mix the powder in a small bowl of warm water until dissolved
  • Step 2: Submerge stained area in the mixture for a couple of hours
  • Step 3: Wash the garment as usual in cold water


How to Wash Your Swimsuits

Lengthen the life of your swimsuits by caring for them properly. Here are our personal-stylist approved tips for keeping suits as bright as your summer glow: 

1. DO HAND WASH ONLY. Use only a detergent made for delicate fabrics. If you don't have detergent on hand, at least give it a rinse in fresh water. 

2. DO WASH AFTER EACH WEAR. Even if you didn't dip in the pool, as sunscreen and other lotions can stain the suit. 

3. DON'T DRY YOUR SUIT IN THE SUN OR DRYER. Heat weakens the elasticity, and the sun causes it to fade. 

4. DON'T SOAK YOUR SUIT OVERNIGHT. This also weakens the elasticity. 

Cover-ups, Beach Bags, More: 10 Things We Love @ BU

With swim season upon us, we've provided our favorite cover-ups and beach bags to give you all those good summer beach vibes! Don't forget the sunscreen! 

1. Pitusa has some of my favorite cover-ups these days. I like this one because it's simple in the front with a pom-pom party in the back! 

2. Unlike most caftans, this one has nice waist definition, coverage, and a neutral print, making it great for a beach-day lunch break. 

3. The halter neck and cool print on this little gem give it a romantic whimsy—perfect for watching the sunset on the beach. 

4. The colors of this cover-up remind me of a tropical paradise! All I need is a flower in my hair and a slushy drink in hand (paper umbrella toothpick included, obvs). 

5. For a super casual, cool beach days, consider a lightweight beach pant like this.

6. You may already know this by now, but for me camo is a neutral. So, of course, my camo tote can easily pivot to beach bag in the blink of an eye! L.L Bean still is my favorite one. You can pick with a zipper or open-top.     

7. Last year I found the cutest backpack. It’s super compact and fits a small beach towel, lotion, and a bottle. For those who are practical, the Anello backpack is for you!  

8. When I don't want to overthink it, a big tote is the answer: just put everything in and go. Rip Curl(flashback to my teen years here!!) has a chill Cali-style tote that totally does the trick!

9. Looking for something more stylish? This white, back and tan shopper is nice and practical (+ on sale! Triple win here!)

10. If you want to step it up in the style department even more: hands down, Cuyana’s oversized carryall tote. Classic shape, good quality, and works yearround. You can use it as your overnighter AND beach bag. (You know we're all about that "cost per wear"!)

How to Clean Your Espadrilles
PersonalStylistNYCPersonalShoppersWardrobeStylists New York City.png

Espadrilles are a summer footwear delight, but when the fiber soles get dirty, do you know the (espa)drill for cleaning them? Here are a few tips: 

1. DO NOT put them in the washing machine or submerge them in water. 

2. Let any dirt dry, and then wipe with a dry cotton cloth or use a vacuum to remove loose dirt.

3. Next, you can either A). spray a foaming carpet cleaner and blot the fibers with an absorbent cloth and a small toothbrush for any stubborn spots or B) dip a toothbrush in a mixture of 1 Tbsp of mild detergent mixed with 2 cups of water and gently scrub off the dirt.

4. Remove any excess detergent with a clean damp cloth.

 Image:  Emily Ley )

Image: Emily Ley)

noun || d'or·say

: a shoe or slipper made with a circular vamp and a quarter that curves to meet the vamp at the shank line


Brief history: 

The d'orsay shoe was named after Count Alfred d’Orsay—a 19th-century "dandy," artist. and friend of Lord Byron. The shoes were worn by men at the time, and the cut-out sides were introduced to accommodate wider feet. 

(Source: )

Summer White Tops, Earrings, More: 10 Things We Love @ BU

This month we are helping you update your summer whites capsule: Natalie is giving you her favorite white tops & Sabrina is helping you with earring pairings to complete this easy, breezy summer uniform! 

1. It's no secret I'm a big fan of AYR. As if they can predict my needs, this summer they came out with my new favorite white T-shirts: capsleeve in scoop and crewneck and, my personal favorite, a muscle tee. (BONUS: Use code BUTTONEDUPSTYLE for 15% off.) 

2. Looking for a good white work blouse? This Elie Tahari stretch silk blouse has been an Old Faithful for many of my lady boss clients.  

3. Speaking of reliable, I've yet to find a white button-down I like better than the J.Crew Perfect Shirt. This year, it's updated in a linen for summer. (Styling tip: Tie up your white shirt over a dress for a summer cardigan or shawl alternative.) 

4. I love an easy, breezy, and drapey sweater to wear on cool summer evenings. I particularly like the bateau neck (and wallet-friendly price) of this one

5. Looking for a lighweight, versatile blouse to help you live your best frilly, feminine life? I love the details and ease of this one

6. Classic and elegant is all you need some days. Accessorize accordingly with the Dew Drop earrings by danish design house Georg Jensen. Compliments are guaranteed ;-)    

7. A great way to liven up your white T-shirt is with these sequinned earrings. Ivory, pink or blue, they will add a pop of fun to your outfit.

8. When I want to stay classic, I like my solitaire diamond earrings. They add a little sparkle to my capsule. Tiffany has a good selection. Check them out! Which one do you like?

9.If you like statement earrings you can wear year-round. These ones are a great addition to your collection. 

10. Feeling hoops? Yeah, me too! Jennifer Fisher has a BIG selection, and they recently added clip-ons. The Baby Shane hoops are easy to transition from day to night. I like that they are square—adding a little something different to the classic style.  

Natalie TincherComment
Shoe Picks: 10 Things We Love @ BU

If you are like us and wearing high heels on a regular basis isn't your thing, we've given you a list of our favorite stylish flats to keep you comfortable and cool this spring:  


1. My love of loafers runs deep, and I'm digging the nice rose hue of this piece of fusion footwear: the loafer mule (a "moafer"?) 

2. Sticking to the footwear portmaneau theme, I bought these sneaker/espadrilles ("snespadrilles"?) last summer, and they proved to be one of the most versatile pieces of footwear I've ever purchased. I think I'm going to snatch up a back-up pair.

3. I've been thinking about these slides ever since I bought them for a client recently. They paired well with so many outfits by adding interest to solids or creating a cool, eclectic look mixed with prints. 

4. I "d'orsay" these Vince flats are a cool, on-trend yet versatile (low CPW) update for your pointy-toe flats.  

5. This summer version of a smoking loafer has gotten rave reviews from clients, especially my busy moms, for being comfortable enough to run around the city all day.  

6. In this tricky transition weather I found these Robert Clergerie metallic mules to be airy enough for afternoon heat but covered enough for the evening or morning chill. 

7. I like to slowly ease into summer colors. Loeffler Randall’s pointy toe slingback in light blue will do wonders for me! My feet are not completely naked, but the shoe has just a bit of toe cleavage. Bonus: They are on SALE!

8. When I want to feel a bit more dressed up, my go-to shoes are these Ralph Lauren Oxfords: classic, simple, and a great shape.    

9. My weekend outfits this spring will have one thing in common: an easy-going espadrille, like these by Tory Burch.  

10. Feeling a bit whimsical? I get that, too. Three-color pointy shoes will complement the mood, and these particular ones will NOT break the bank. 

Denim & Military Jackets, More: 10 Things We Love @ BU

It looks like spring is finally here! (But we're not holding our breaths quite yet.) In hopes to not jinx it, we've rounded up some our top favorite stylist-approved layering pieces for this transition-weather season: 

NYC Personal Stylist NYC Stylist BU Style Spring Fashion.jpg

1. I bought my Gap denim jacket more than 10 years ago, and my attempts to find a "nicer" one I like better have proven fruitless (but I'm still on the hunt)! Lucky for me, this is one classic piece Gap still carries (link here). 

2. The Everlane cropped anorak is a fresh take on a traditional jacket. It's water-resistant—making it perfect for surprise spring showers!

3. Pop this easy "overshirt" style jacket from Sezane over a t-shirt and jeans for a cool, casual look. I like the stripes to add variety that's still easy to mix and match. 

4. If you have a small frame, a classic double-breasted trench can be too overwhelming. I like this modernversion by Mackage. 

5. If the long winter has you down, go for a fun, patterned layering piece like this Zadig & Voltaire ikat print bomber. Great worn casually with jeans, or throw it over a slip dress in the evening for a sporty twist. 

6. My military jacket is my spring go-to outwear. Really, I wear it all the time: on a market run or out for drinks. The Zadig & Voltaire Kayak Brod Parka adds a fun, feminine twist to a more masculine jacket.

7. Club Monaco's color block trench is a great staple that provides a new spin on a classic cut. It's a good option for those who want something a bit different that won't be "out of style" next year.

8. If you like clean lines or need something simple for the office, COS A-line shape cardigan is great! It has a hidden zip front, 3/4 sleeves, and a nice texture to add dimension to your outfit.  

9. If you workout early in the morning like I do, you will probably still need a parka to get to the gym. Stella McCartney for Adidas has this awesome two-toned parka that will keep you looking cool. 

10. For those mornings when you REALLY want to stay in bed but you still HAVE to go to work, I suggest you snuggle up in Theory's cashmere duster. Over slacks or jeans, this cozy cardigan will keep you warm until you get to your local coffee shop and feel better about the day. It can easily pivot to a good travel buddy, as well. 

Natalie TincherComment
"Empowerment & Personal Style" Podcast

“I lead with my heart and love with everything in life. So I need everything I do with my clients to also feel that way.” – Natalie Tincher

I had the honor of sitting down and chatting style, business growth, personal growth, and empowerment with my friend and founder of Point Road Studios, Sharon Lipovsky. This lady knows how to get to the meat and potatoes of things, ask the right questions, and create an space of support and comfort. It was a blast! 

Read more about the Podcast and give it a listen here

Rockins Scarves, Oxfords, More: 10 Things We Love @ BU

We're ushering in a new brand, a new season, and more! With change on the brain, this month we're sharing things that help and inspire us in times of transition.

—During this transition weather, I've been adding fun pops of personality and edge to my winter darks with my Rockins scarves. (Next time you are in London, you MUST visit their store—and tell them Natalie sent you.)

—Constant growth and exploration is a big part of style discovery, business, and life. NYers, get inspiration from an artist who was always creating and check out the "David Bowie is" exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. 

—It's time to lighten up—my shoe colors. I've been crushing hard on Freda Salvador shoes for the last few years, and these laceless oxfords are my perfect new spring transition shoe.

—There's nothing like fresh flowers decorating my home in the spring to put a spring in my step. The arrangements by Farm Girl Flowers are a real treat for the eyes and nose!  

—Easter candy makes any dreary March days full of sugary sunshine for me. The joy and delight of a bag of Cadbury mini eggs will NEVER get old. (Sweet birthday gifts welcome. Hint, hint!)

—I can’t wait to put my sweaters away! To make sure I can use them again next season, I will moth proof my storage box. This year I am trying these ideas.

—As we are reinventing ourselves at BU, I got inspired to rediscover my own personal home-decor style. This artist's original work captured my attention. 

—When I want to keep things simple, comfy, and old school between clients, meetings, and developing our new identity, these kicks do the trick. 

—It might still be cold outside, but I feel like a new, more-colorful version of myself is ready for spring. Wave hello if you see me strolling the streets; you won’t miss me with this Reformation dress.

—Did you know libraries have coloring books? Me neither! You can download 150 free ones from Open Culture. While it's still too cold outside to spend all day outdoors, these coloring books keeps me entertained.  

Natalie TincherComment
20 Things We Love @ BU: February 2018

In the month of love, here are 20 things we love to help get you through the end-of-winter doldrums:


1. Summer doesn't have to have a monopoly on "sexy" style. Follow my lead and "treat yo self" to a sweater that is both alluring AND cozy (like this one). It may cause you to stop wishing winter away. 

The Wordsmith from  Letterfolk .
The Wordsmith from Letterfolk .

2. Need to exercise your laugh muscles? The Panda vs. Snowman video still gives me a serious case of the giggles.

3. For that awkward period when the snow is melting but you don't need to wear snowboots but you still need something weatherproof . . . I've been traipsing around in these Frye boots. What I especially love: I can wear them laced up under skinny jeans or unlaced over. 

4. My winter Sunday Funday = cooking up some cold-weather comfort food + curling up with a good book or movie. To add extra emphasis on the "Fun," I like to kick it up a notch kitchen in a cheery apron

5. Speaking of movies, the Oscars are just around the corner. I love treating myself to a solo matinee. Two leading ladies gave me all the chills in their performances this year: Margot Robbie in I, Tonya and Frances McDormand in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

6. And speaking of ice skating, cheer on the USA Winter Olympics team in warmth and comfort in this ridiculous yet fantastic onesie. USA! USA! 

7. Netflix, chill, and set your drink on these punny coasters. Which coast are you? (Also great housewarming gifts.) 

8. What do you "meme" winter's not over? Winter is perfect for a game night. If you love Cards Against Humanity but have memorized most of the cards like I have, try the latest adult game bringing game night laughs: "What Do You Meme?"

9. Add some much-needed green to your winter even if you don't have a green thumb. I've been assured "air plants" are really  hard to kill! They are soil free, can be used as wall art, and need minimal watering. (Sounds like the goldfish of houseplants!) See some cool ways to decorate with air plants here.  

10.  I've been looking for a vintage-style letterboard to hang in my kitchen. I found the perfect one from Letterfolk and am eager to pull the trigger, but am still trying to decide between "the Wordsmith" in white or grey. Thoughts?  


1. I'm desperately waiting for spring to come. So for now I will just dream about it while I wrap my neck with this Paul Smith beauty

Jamie Beck's work. Follow her on Insta @annstreetstudio
Jamie Beck's work. Follow her on Insta @annstreetstudio

2. Indoor season is in full swing, and I'd much rather have friends over than brave the cold. Bribe your loved ones to visit with this recipe from heaven: Avocado Chocolate Bread. You are welcome. 

3. My kitchen is a winter pick-me-up with my new tea towels

4. My commute got an upgrade: I got a flask . . . a TEA flask. I can now take my loose tea with me on the go.  

5. Being indoors at an art show is one of my favorite winter activities. (Did you know I am an Art Historian?) David Hockney’s show at the Met surprised me greatly. You have time to check it out until 2/25.

6. Speaking of art: Have you heard of Jamie Beck (the photographer; not the writer)? She is a commercial photographer who is slowly gravitating towards fine art. My words can't do justice to her work. Check out her breathtaking art: start with her self-portrait series and click your way to the rest HERE and then HERE.    

7. I'm waiting for spring weather and dreaming about “one layer will do it today." Once it is finally here, you will see me dressing up or down my favorite classic shirt

8. Celebrate the longest relationship in your life. Celebrate you! Trash the old sleeping T-shirt and take you in for a date. Suggested dress code: babydoll and robe. Enjoy!  

9. 'Tis the season for online shopping. I'm upgrading my white T-shirt game and having some fun while I’m at it. 

10. If winter insists on staying longer, I might as well find a way to enjoy the view. A few years ago, I found The Dewitt, a B&B in Oak Hill, NY. My husband and I have been back twice already. It's owned by two friends Dorothée and Diane, who keep the house so beautifully and also make the most yummy breakfast. The whole experience is pure joy and pleasure. It's the perfect weekend getaway!